About the Record:

On My First Crown, Race the Ghost continues to create pop music that would test the stability of arena walls and keep your feet tapping all the while. Not new to the game, the band members have been making music most of their lives and have never sounded better.

My First Crown is the band’s most dynamic record to date. Eight songs, chock full of catchy hooks and guitar lines that never escape the brain, provoke movement from even the stiffest joints of audiophiles. With speed and power, the rhythm section raise high the melodies that dispel fear and instill hope while the listeners nod their heads.

For those who delve deeper into the songs, Race The Ghost offers subtle intricacies that provide new discoveries for the discerning ear. While sometimes one or more aspects suffer when a band tries to “do it all,” listeners find that Race The Ghost has successfully and beautifully engineered and produced yet another solid set of original songs to live by in My First Crown.

About the Band:

Race The Ghost was born in 2005 and released its self-titled debut that same year. Quickly gaining momentum and fans, two EPs followed, In The Drink (2006), and Devil Got My Radio (2007). But their lineage dates back much further. The quartet, consisting of two sets of brothers: Vincent Bruni (vocals and guitar), Benjamin Bruni (bass and vocals), Michael Salati (drums and sound engineer), and Frank Salati (guitar and vocals), have been climbing the ranks together for decades. Of course, they met in grade school. Of course, they spun records together in middle school. And of course, they played in bands together in the dance halls of their high schools. These are the experiences that allow Race The Ghost to breathe with one set of lungs and react with one set of reflexes. This is the body of experience that brings out Race The Ghost’s fourth independent release, My First Crown, which hits the street May 2, 2009.

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